C.A.R.E. Pledge

and COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures


Cleanliness Assured Rejuvenation Everytime

  • To ensure your health and safety from being infected with COVID-19, the following safety measures are to be implied at ALL times:


      • Enhanced COVID air circulation system is installed, met and exceeded expectations in accordance to CA State Board guideline.
      • Masks are mandatory for all employees. Our team members have been trained the correct way to wear a mask. The attire of our licensed technicians serving clients shall at all times be clean. All staff performing services shall thoroughly wash his or her hands with soap and water or any equally effective alcohol-based hand-cleaning product immediately before serving each client. Rubber gloves shall be worn for all pedicure services.
      • Mandatory temperature checks are enforced daily for the team upon arrival. Anyone with a fever or other COVID-19 symptoms will be sent home to rest.
      • No person working in our establishment shall perform services upon a surface of the skin or scalp where such skin is inflamed or broken, or where a skin infection or eruption is present, without wearing gloves.
      • Hand sanitizers and wipes are readily available everywhere all around you. Chairs, armrests and all shared surfaces are to be sanitized immediately after each service provided.
      • Sneeze-guard screen partition is installed at each table, protecting both our clients and team members. Face shield is another option for our technicians to utilize at times when screen partition is not available. We believe physical distancing is going to be part of the ‘new normal’ for the foreseeable future.
      • With the sudden global spread of the virus, we are trying our best to keep our community safe and are asking our clients not to bring any additional friends or family to the facility, with the exception for a parent or guardian accompanying a minor.
      • We respectfully ask our clients to wear face coverings at all times while in the salon, as required per California Department of Public Health and listed in COVID-19 Industry Guidance dated on June 12, 2020, except when the face covering must be removed for the performance of services involving that part of the face. Of course, we would gladly provide one at the entrance for anyone who forget theirs. As an alternative hygienic option, we offer small paper bags to clients who wish to temporarily store their masks away while consuming beverages. Together we can avoid the risk of contamination by not leaving masks laying around. Much appreciated!
      • Temperature checks utilizing contactless thermometer are highly recommended and are readily available to clients who wish to participate for their ease of mind. In the event any client should show symptoms of COVID-19 or having a body temperature of 99.5°F or above, kindly refrain from acquiring services with us at that time and consider seeking medical advice from your health provider immediately.
  • All non-electrical metal tools are cleaned, disinfected, stored in sterilized pouches and placed in UV Sterilizer to ensure 99.9% elimination of bacteria, viruses and fungi for our clients’ protection.
  • All tools and supplies that come into direct contact with clients and cannot be disinfected (including, but not limited to, buffers, pumice stones, wax sticks, toe separators, gloves, cotton pads, sponges and emery boards) shall be disposed of in a waste container immediately after use on a single client.
  • ECOJET® disposable liner is utilized in each whirlpool foot spa for all pedicure services. Enjoy TRU-TOUCH Shiatsu Massage while relaxing in a comfortable luxurious design spa chair, complemented with seat wrapped in premium Ultraleather® Linen.